Therapeutic Day Treatment programs that keep youth supported after school and through the summer.


Is a child age 5-17 you know…

Experiencing emotional or behavioral issues

Finding it difficult to cope with the pressures and expectations of school

Behaving in ways that interfere with both their success and the success of other students in school

Our therapeutic day treatment programs in the Richmond and Hopewell, VA areas use evidence based practices that keep youth supported in their school and during the summer months with structured opportunities to grow and to learn new skills. We provide interventions and therapeutic programming in an after school setting that is designed to successfully address a child’s mental, emotional, and behavioral health issues that may be creating a barrier to learning. Typically, we collaborate with the school, family, and other providers for collaborative meetings, family sessions, and other events as needed to ensure our wraparound service approach.


In response to COVID-19, A Legacy Legacy Family Services offers an Online TDT Program that aims to provide the support that youth and families need, virtually. For one hour per day, youth will be logged into the online support system. For daily attendance and participation, youth are rewarded with a monthly Saturday outing with peers.

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Benefits of TDT After School Program

Helps improve behaviors in school and provides an advocate for youth in school

Increased attendance in school and academic performance


Benefits of TDT Summer Program

Youth are in a safe environment Monday-Friday, 10-3p, with 2 meals and snack

Experiential learning opportunities given, including entrepreneurship program

Innovative programming that builds youth’s hard and soft skills