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leg a cy

ˈlegəsi/ noun (plural legacies) [countable]

something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past


We are advocates for healthy family dynamics in our communities .

A New Legacy Family Services is the community advocate for healthy families of mental and behavioral health services in Richmond, Chester, Henrico, Chesterfield, Petersburg, Hopewell, and Caroline County VA. Through the years, our dedication to individualized care, community support, being family focused and results centered, allows us to support and serve 


our communities with culturally relevant mental health and behavioral health services.Our passion for helping families and youth create a new legacy is the foundation for everything we do. Through our unique wraparound support and services approach, we are able to help the youth and families in our communities through all stages of life.


Our Promise

We will provide individualized care, with  person centered treatment where the client and family is involved.


We will provide wrap around service or connections to other programs and resources even outside of our agency to help stabilize families.


We will provide services that are culturally relevant, responsive, competent, and sensitive to every client.


We will introduce and encourage you to explore alternative methods of healing and treatment.

When I think about it now, I never knew what I felt growing up. And what I felt was that it was no generational wealth established. I didn’t understand that and that’s what we all feel. Black people in America, people from the struggle, immigrants, it’s no generational wealth that we are attached to so we are tasked to create — in one generation — closing the gap. 


- Nipsey Hussle 

Our Mission

To help families and youth create a new legacy.

Our Vision

To build a culturally relevant mental and behavioral health agency that preserves healthy family dynamics and serves all the needs in our communities for all stages of life.


A New Legacy Family Services provides behavioral and mental health services to those in our communities who need it most.  In order to live our mission, we must first love what we do. Creating a new legacy for others, as well as new legacies for ourselves. 


Through highly engaging training, opportunities within the company to grow, and a focus on a healthy work-life balance, we are able to have the best team to execute the best services to all of the communities we serve. 


Learn more about our opportunities and join our team!








Sherron "Nikki" Shaw Buchanan LPC, CSAC -

B.S in Psychology with minor in

Criminal Justice from Radford University

and M.S in Rehabilitation Counseling:

Mental Health & Substance Abuse from Virginia Commonwealth University.



Jessica P. Hill, LMSW 


B.S in Human Services with a minor in Sociology from Old Dominion University and Master of Social Work Degree from Morgan State University

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