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I have learned self respect, self esteem, respecting others, minding character.


What I love about the TDT after school program is that I can do fun things, interact with others  and the counselors all make me feel welcome.

Jessica has been extremely helpful when attending sessions with her. She pushes me to find a resolution within myself and not through somebody else which has given me tangible items to work on to better develop my life. 10/10.

I'm so grateful I'm able to attend this camp in the summers! The counselors teach us a wide variety of things.

I came to Jessica at a time when I thought my world was falling apart around me. Sadness, emptiness, and anxiety seemed to be my only thoughts that played a role in my everyday life. Jessica continues to help me by creating a more positive outlook on not only myself but the situations that I must deal with. Her compassionate and easy going personality, has helped me look forward to every session that I have with her. There are not enough good and positive things that I can say. I wish I would have found her sooner, thank you Jessica! 

I love having a counselor because they inspire me to do well in school and help me with my work so I can improve. 

My experience with Jessica Hill has been amazing. I call her Dr. Jess because we both believe in manifestation and I do believe she has the skills, talent and ability to be just that in the very near future. I have experienced other therapist but she has been my best experience this far. She’s very relatable and that there draws her closer to her clients. She’s very talented and likes to keep it real with you always honest and respectful. I have to admit this has truly been my best therapy experience this far and I always look forward to our sessions. I’m very thankful for Dr. Jess.

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