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The first question that I ask every kid that I meet has been the same since I was in college in 2011 and I started my first organization for girls, Chase Dreams Not Boys (CDNB).


“What is your dream?.”


For as long as I can remember, my dream has been to change the world. The kids all laugh and think I’m corny – but it’s true... My dream is to inspire the ripples that will lead to social change first in my own community and ultimately, every community that looks like mine... and yours. Over time, that dream has evolved from CDNB which was focused solely on girls and women, to providing programs and services for youth, their parents, families, adults, and seniors. My vision is to be able to meet the needs of an entire family at every stage of life – before and after life – with wraparound services and programs that are holistic, person centered, and are created for US by US.


A New Legacy was created in 2015 to equip our youth and adults with the tools they need to break the cycles that many of our families face generationally like mental health issues, intellectual disabilities, substance abuse, and poverty. Our hope is that these tools will help families create a positive NEW LEGACY for themselves, their families, communities, and futures. I’m committed to building an impactful social enterprise that continues to manifest that vision from 2011, and enjoying the journey along the way.



Korinn Y. Carter, B.A., QMHP-C/A

Chief Executive Officer


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